Step into Christ’s on Tuesday 14th June as college comes alive and you fall down a surrealist rabbit hole. Humans become animals, and buildings come alive in an attempt to bring you closer to nature and the otherworldly side of your existence. Expect the natural, but also the more surreal, side of life.
Trust us, it grows on you.

Prepare to be entertained from the moment you join the queue to the moment you depart. This year, Christ's May Ball returns with a bigger and better line-up of acts. We promise to immerse you with a myriad of musical performers and themed entertainment. There will be something for everyone, whether that is: watching the headliner, dancing the night away, or taking a step back and relaxing. You will always have something to do, so prepare to have an unforgettable night. Take a chance and set foot on an unforgettable journey through Christ’s and experience the college coming alive. On your travels through the heart of Christ’s you will be offered an endless array of indulgent food and refreshing drinks to tantalise your taste buds and quench your thirst. From the traditional favourites to the more unusual, there will be plenty of options to satisfy everyone. You won't leave hungry or thirsty.

Christ’s May Ball 2016 is looking for a dedicated and hard-working team to bring our Ball to life. Every single member is vital to the successful running of the Ball, and you will have the opportunity to work with other motivated individuals. There is a wide range of roles available detailed below. For any queries please email Sam Payne.

Staffing applications have been briefly reopened, click here to apply. More information about individual roles.

  • Clean Up Team Member - Members of the Clean Up Team are vital in helping the Committee to ensure that the Ball is kept clean and tidy for its duration. Members should be able to work well in teams.
    Types available: Half on/ Half off (First and Second Half)
  • Fire Steward: The Fire Stewards are vital to the successful operation of the Ball. They will be responsible for upholding all fire safety procedures that the Ball has in place. No previous experience is necessary.
    Types available: Half on/ Half off (First and Second Half)
  • Ticketing Assistant: The Ticketing Assistants will aid in the admission of guests to the ball. Each will be issued a ticket scanner and will be responsible for validating the tickets and identities of guests upon entry. A focus on solutions and the ability to work efficiently are key to the role. Ticketing officers will be required to arrive at 20:30 and can expect to leave by 22:30.
    Types available: Paid (£20.00)
  • Recovery Team Member: Members of the Recovery Team will assist the Committee in the clear-up following the Ball, and ensure that the process is as swift and thorough as possible. No previous experience is necessary.
    Types available: Paid (£39.00/£43.55)
  • Set Up Team Member: The Set Up Team will be vital in helping the Committee in the final stage of preparations before the Ball opens to guests. Members of this team should be fast workers with experience of working in large teams.
    Types available: Paid (£34.50/£40.20)

Christ's May Ball would like to extend a very special thank you to Yaz Jung. For more information on Sponsorship please contact

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Arjun Rajani & Rebecca Williams

Senior Treasurer

Dr Helena Browne


Hannah Bibby

Publicity & Sponsorship

Elisabet Lindgren


Ayeesha Ghelani

Louis Stuart­-Bourne

Art & Design

Oliver Baldock

Joe Bradley, Sammy Love
Chloe Marsh & Miho Sugiyama

Food & Drink

Sophie Bodanis

Sam Dunbavin & James Jarvis


Josie Wastell & Milad Mehrabanifard

Webmaster & Ticketing

Daniel Karaj

First Year Representatives

Chaya Kupperman

Leah Wild

Yana Lishkova

Ball Consultant

Yaz Jung