Role descriptions

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all managerial roles will be interviewed
Global Supervisor (£160 for the night)
The most senior position of the ball. The Global Supervisor will be overseeing the operations of the entire ball and communicating with the Area Supervisors to ensure that everything goes to plan. This person will need to be organised and a confident multi-tasker. Experience in a similar role and previous May Ball experience are desirable. Training will be required for this role - more details to follow on this.
Area Supervisor (£135 for the night)
Area managers will ensure the smooth operation of the ball, and are allocated specific areas of college to maintain, taking account of safety, cleanliness and overall presentation. They will be required to respond quickly to any situation that may arise, including any emergencies. In addition, they will manage the workers in their area; this includes assigning and monitoring their breaks. We require our area managers to have excellent communication skills, as they will need to be in contact with the committee and other managers throughout the night. Rest assured, area managers will also have breaks during the event! Training will be required for this role - more details to follow on this.
Hit Squad Manager (£135 for the night)
The Hit Squad manager will be in charge of organising and managing their team members’ positioning in the ball and the tasks they are given. They will also carry out tasks alongside the Hit Squad, and will be a port of call for the Security Department. This role will require good organisational and communication skills, as the committee will require them to deal with any emergent situations, should they arise. Ideally, someone who has the ability to work well under pressure - and has previous experience relevant to this managerial role - would be well suited to this position. Training will be required for this role - more details to follow on this.
Food & Drink Supervisor (£120 for the night)
Food and Drink Supervisors will be overseeing the running of bars or food service and ensuring that workers are fully aware of their responsibilities. They will also be responsible for ensuring that specific areas is re-stocked as needed, and will help oversee changeovers and rotations of other F&D staff. F&D Supervisors will also help liaise with catering companies when needed and carry out tasks alongside the rest of the F&D team. This role is well suited for friendly and organised students and previous managerial experience is beneficial.
Recovery Team Supervisor (£54.55) - to work between approx. 06.00 and 11.00 after the Ball.
The Recovery Team Supervisor, in addition to helping clear the decorations and apparatus used for the ball, will be tasked with managing a team. This will require allocating members of the recovery team to various areas of the college, ensuring that everyone is occupied. This would be well suited to someone who can work efficiently under time pressure, whilst also coordinating the activities of others.
General Worker Supervisor (£120)
This role will involve supervising the General Workers and working alongside them to ensure that the college remains safe and clean throughout the entirety of the night, including waste management and general tidiness. This position may require quite a lot of movement throughout the night so it is perfect for someone who is organised, flexible and comfortable working in a team.

food + drink

Food & Drink Worker (£102.20 for the night)
Our food and drink personnel will be required to prepare or serve the food and drinks provided at different stalls. During their work they will also ensure that the stalls are clean and well stocked. Their assigned position might vary throughout the night. This position will most possibly require the least movement through the ball and is perfect for friendly students who can chat and interact with the guest while they are ordering.


Stage Manager /
£110 for the night
Stage managers will be required to enforce the schedule for different stages throughout the ball; it is vital that all performances begin and finish at the assigned times. Additionally, Stage Managers will need to report any technical difficulties to the committee, or respond to emergent situations. They will be communicating with Ents and Logistics teams, and will be in charge of the Ents Runners/Assistants throughout the night. For this role, we require friendly students who can work well in a team and are capable of organizing and managing people. Previous experience in stage management would be beneficial.
Ents Runner/
£105 for the night
Ents Runners will carry out the tasks required by the Ents team for the duration of the ball. These workers will be in charge of monitoring the arrival of the performers, and escorting them to their green room or to prepare for their performance. Most importantly, Ents Runners will need to escort the acts to their allocated stage in good time. For this role, friendly and efficient students would be ideal - you’ll also get to meet the acts in person!
Ents Assistant /
£102.30 for the night
The ents assistant will work alongside the ents runners to ensure the smooth running of all events at the ball. This person will be especially needed when the Silent Disco is busier to manage the traffic flow. They will also be needed to ensure that any Ents are running to schedule, helping with changeovers and alerting the Ents Team or Sound Monitor of any related issues. Positions and tasks are likely to vary in this time.
Sound Monitor /
£110 for the night
Due to council restrictions and the comfort of nearby residents, the level of sound throughout the ball will have to be monitored. The Sound Monitor will be required to move between the different stages and notify members of the committee if the noise level exceeds the required limit. Previous experience with Sound Engineering would be preferred. As sound monitor, you will be required to attend a compulsory training day. More details on this to follow.

set up + recovery

Set Up Team Member /
£46.50 for 3 to 8 pm
As setting up the ball requires lots of work, members of the Set Up Team will be tasked with a range of activities to ensure that everything is prepared in time for the guests. Roles and tasks will vary significantly and will not require any late night work.
Recovery Team Member /
£46.50 for 6 to 11 am
Our college has very beautiful grounds and gardens and we have to ensure that they are in perfect condition after the ball. The recovery team will help the committee to remove and clean all the stalls, stages, and items, placing them in the allocated storage rooms or vans. The roles and tasks will vary significantly over this time.
General Team Member /
£102.30 for the night
The General Workers’ Team is vital to maintaining the state of our college and the safety of the ball. These workers will need to keep the college grounds, stalls and stages clean. This will include ensuring that rubbish is collected and that recyclable materials are rightly disposed of.


Hit Squad Member /
£102.30 for the night
Members of the Hit Squad will be assigned to various positions throughout the night where additional staffing is required, or an emergency has arisen. They will be required to respond and adapt quickly to new situations. These workers will have different responsibilities throughout the night, for example dealing with ball crashers or large crowding in one area of the ball.
Fire Stewards /
£102.30 for the night
The safety of our guests is our first priority, and our Fire Stewards are paramount in ensuring this. We have established a number of safety procedures; the stewards will become familiar with them and enforce them in case of emergency. Fire Stewards are likely to be positioned in various locations through the night and will observe for potential hazards, alerting Hit Squad and Security when needed.
Concierge /
£102.30 for the night
Our concierge entrance will be used to allow staff entry into the college for the Ball. As Concierge, you will be in charge of ensuring all personnel who enter our site have the required permission to do so. This will require signing in staff members and other contractors throughout the night, ensuring people get to their allocated stations. Not only is this necessary for the smooth running of the ball, but it allows us to ensure the security of our guests.This will include communicating regularly with our porters and members of the committee.
Ticketing Assistant /
£18.60 for 8 to 10 pm
As the title suggest these workers will help us in the beginning of the ball to collect and check the guests’ tickets. They will also provide them with a bracelet and a program. These workers will be required to work quickly and to deal with unpredicted situations where security might be called. This position is perfect for friendly students who can work quickly and are polite when interacting with the guests.