Christ's may ball 2020   /  Tuesday 16th June

Ticket Release

01.02.2020 Christ's Release
03.02.2020 General Release
Queue Jump
  • What is Christ’s May Ball 2020?

    Christ’s College traditionally holds a May Ball on the Tuesday of May Week following undergraduate examinations.
    This year our theme is ‘Paradise Lost’. Experience the incredible world of John Milton’s epic, stretching from the tranquility of the Elysium to the chaos of Pandaemonium.

  • How much does the event cost to attend?

    Standard ticket price: £160
    Queue Jump ticket price: £170
    Dining ticket price: £190
    Access ticket price: £100

  • What is an access ticket?

    Our access ticketing scheme allows Christ’s College students who claim a half or full Cambridge bursary to purchase reduced £100 tickets.
    Access tickets will be confidentially verified by the Tutorial Office following ticket purchases.
    Individuals who are ineligible for this scheme but still select the ticket may be barred from purchasing tickets completely.

  • How many guests am I allowed to purchase tickets for?

    Each University of Cambridge student is allowed to bring up to two guests. Guests are not required to be students at the University of Cambridge.

  • How do I pay for my tickets?

    Payments should be made via bank transfer to the account details listed in the email that you receive.
    You will have 48 hours to complete the bank transfer using the reference code

  • Can I get a refund on my ticket?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds on tickets.
    You are welcome to re-sell your tickets and then change the name of the ticket to match the new owner.

  • Can I change the name of my tickets?

    Yes. You can request a name change for your ticket(s) using your Raven log in on our ticketing system, up to 1 week prior to the Ball (Tuesday 9th June 2020).
    There will be an additional charge of £25 for any name change. Payment for name change will be made via bank transfer with a unique code as reference emailed to you after your name change request.
    A new ticket and QR code will be provided digitally to confirm name change.
    Access tickets for will not be eligible for a name change on the system and will need to contact directly.
    Any minor name changes can be sent to

  • I have special dietary requirements, what shall I do?

    A variety of food and drink options will be provided at the ball, including comprehensive vegetarian and vegan options.
    Allergen information will be available at the stalls and on our app. For any further queries, please contact our Food & Drink team.
    Please fill out our dietary requirement questions following the purchase of your ticket.

  • What type of identification will I need to enter the ball?

    We require all guests to produce a government recognised ID, such as driving license or ID card.
    University of Cambridge students will also need to produce a CamCard to be allowed entry.

  • When will doors open?

    Doors for Standard tickets will open at 21:00.
    Doors for Queue jump tickets will open at 20:30.
    Dining guests should report to the Great Gate at 18:00. The meal will begin promptly at 18:30

  • What is the dress code?

    Black tie, White tie or National Dress are permitted. Sports blazers are not allowed. The dress code will be strictly enforced. Those who are not properly attired will be refused entry to the ball.


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